I accept both physical books (preferred) and e-books for review consideration (mobi or epub only; no PDF).

Publishers, indie and small presses, and literary agents: If you’d like me to consider reviewing a title that fits into my taste in books (see below), feel free to send me an email using the mail icon in the top-right of the menu bar above. I do not accept pitches for promo-only type posts such as book launch parties, release blitzes, etc.

Because of I receive so many requests, I only respond when accepting a book for review consideration.

Genres I love:

– literary / contemporary fiction
– dystopian / post-apocalyptic
– surreal / magical realism
– speculative fiction
– LGBTQ+ fiction (especially by non-cis authors)
– short stories: especially offbeat, quirky ones!
– non-fiction: memoirs, essays, parenting, faith (especially from a progressive Christian perspective, but also enjoy Buddhist, liberal Quaker, and Christian anarchist perspectives), classical music, LGBTQIA, narrative science and history
– middle grade and YA, both fiction and nonfiction, that fit these categories

Genres I might consider for review:

– urban fantasy and sci-fi
– women’s fiction that has a literary feel
– light “cozy” mysteries
– demi/ace romance
– thrillers

Genres I do not accept for review:

– horror
– paranormal
– cishet romance/erotica
– military nonfiction
– true crime
– Christian fiction
– conservative / evangelical Christian nonfiction

All opinions on the books I review are my own. I am not paid for my reviews, and I always provide my unbiased, honest thoughts on the books I read — good or bad. Occasionally, I will post about a book that I didn’t actually finish, but only if I’ve read enough of it to pinpoint why I set it aside and give it fair commentary.

I am not a professional writer. I do this for fun, because I love to read and share my thoughts about books with others.