great white sharks

The Thing About Great White Sharks by Rebecca Adams Wright

The fifteen speculative short stories in The Thing About Great White Sharks blew me away! This collection is creative, offbeat and really delightful. As each…

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small mammals

Hall of Small Mammals: Stories by Thomas Pierce

It’s no secret that I love offbeat short story collections. Add Thomas Pierce’s Hall of Small Mammals to the list. Many of these stories…

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man nature

Man V. Nature by Diane Cook

I’ve been sitting on this review until the very last moment because I haven’t known where to begin. My head is spinning. Every time…

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brief moment of weightlessness

A Brief Moment of Weightlessness by Victoria Fish

Imagine you’ve just started reading a book by a new-to-you author, and you find you are absolutely captivated, even before you finish the first…

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Flings by Justin Taylor

Justin Taylor’s Flings, a collection of short stories, started out on a high note for me. Each story is a brief glimpse into one moment…

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snow and shadow

Snow and Shadow by Dorothy Tse

The stories in Snow and Shadow are so, so bizarre, but in that delicious way that leaves you excited to discover what the author has come up with…

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Get Up Tim by Sally Weigel

It’s no secret that so far, I’ve adored every one of the CCLaP titles I’ve read. The stories in Sally Weigel’s Get Up Tim…

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Armchair BEA: Novellas & Short Stories Recommendations

Design by Amber of Shelf Notes Today we’re giving love to those little stories in our lives. These are my recommendations for short story collections…

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Sympathetic People by Donna Baier Stein

. . .    These may be short stories, but each one is chock full of substance and detail. Donna Baier Stein has an…

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love light world

Review: Our Love Could Light the World by Anne Leigh Parrish

The short stories in Our Love Could Light the World are so interconnected, the book reads almost like a novel with changing perspectives. This…

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