love and other monsters in the dark jensen

Love and Other Monsters in the Dark by K.B. Jensen

K.B. Jensen’s Love and Other Monsters in the Dark is a collection of short stories and flash fiction covering a variety of genres: contemporary…

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flash fiction short vigorous roots

Short, Vigorous Roots: A Contemporary Flash Fiction Collection of Migrant Voices

Flash fiction is quickly becoming one of my favorite formats! The ability of these authors to make a lasting impact on the reader in…

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The Predatory Animal Ball by Jennifer Fliss

The Predatory Animal Ball is Jennifer Fliss’s debut collection of flash fiction (extremely short stories) about people left in the wake of predators. These…

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wendy fox

What If We Were Somewhere Else by Wendy J. Fox

Wendy J. Fox’s collection of interconnected short stories, What If We Were Somewhere Else, follows the employees of a nondescript office through their relationships,…

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The Rock Eaters by Brenda Peynado

Dominican-American author Brenda Peynado’s short story collection, The Rock Eaters, is perfect for readers who enjoy magical realism, fabulism, speculative fiction, and social commentary….

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to hold up the sky cixin liu

To Hold Up the Sky by Cixin Liu

If you’re in the mood for a hard sci-fi short story collection, To Hold Up the Sky by Cixin Liu (translated by Joel Martinsen,…

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father guards sheep

Father Guards the Sheep by Sari Rosenblatt

The Iowa Short Fiction Award consistently gives us wonderful short story collections like Sari Rosenblatt’s Father Guards the Sheep. These are strong, character-driven stories…

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Homesick by Nino Cipri

I love speculative, fabulist fiction, and Nino Cipri’s short story collection Homesick delivered. The formats of some of these stories were so creative. “Which…

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The Inexplicable Grey Space We Call Love by Chuck Augello

I love people stories, I love fabulist fiction, and Chuck Augello’s collection The Inexplicable Grey Space We Call Love is an interesting mix of…

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What Shines From It by Sara Rauch

There are 11 short stories in Sara Rauch’s collection What Shines From It, and overall this was a solid “it was good, I liked…

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