Blessings for the Long Night by Jessica Kantrowitz

The brief poems and mediations in Jessica Kantrowitz’s Blessings for the Long Night serve as prayers, reflections, and even gentle advice. These words are…

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A flat lay of the book Songs We Used To Dance To by Courtney Marie. The book is laying outside on green moss, and a pink, red, and navy blue flannel coat can be seen on the right side of the frame.

songs we used to dance to by courtney marie

A gift to all of us who are weary, songs we used to dance to is a collection of poetry by courtney marie, co-founder…

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Finna: Poems by Nate Marshall

I don’t feel I could possibly have the words to do justice to Nate Marshall’s collection of poem, Finna. The cadences are exquisite; they…

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$50,000 by Andrew Weatherhead

Anyone who’s experienced existential dread or a feeling of ennui will relate to this long poem. To be honest, I don’t always do well…

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andrea gibson

Lord of the Butterflies by Andrea Gibson

I read Andrea Gibson for the first time back in June, and once again, I’m in love with their poetry. Lord of the Butterflies is…

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Mini Reviews: Recent Favorites by Trans & Nonbinary Authors

All the Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders This was an incredible reading experience! I loved the writing, I was fully invested…

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Children’s Poetry: Over the River and Through the Wood

   Title: Over the River and Through the WoodEditors: Karen L. Kilcup and Angela SorbyPublisher: Johns Hopkins University Press Expected Release:January 5, 2014 Source:I…

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