Lost Boy, Found Boy by Jenn Polish

I’m not really into fantasy, but I couldn’t resist giving this retelling of Peter Pan a try. Technology plus a dystopian feel? That sounds…

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Transforming by Austen Hartke

Austen Hartke has an easy, conversational style whether he’s inspecting Scripture and its historical and cultural contexts or sharing personal stories. Hartke includes conversations…

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transgender resilience workbook

The Queer and Transgender Resilience Workbook by Anneliese Singh

Written by a licensed professional counselor who is nonbinary themself, The Queer and Transgender Resilience Workbook: Skills for Navigating Sexual Orientation and Gender Expression…

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transgender manifesto

The Transgender Manifesto by Ian Thomas Malone

Ian Thomas Malone succinctly knocks down a wide swarth of talking points anti-trans activists use to attack trans folks in her book The Transgender…

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riki wilchins

Burn the Binary! and TRANS/gressive by Riki Wilchins

Burn the Binary!: Selected Writings on the Politics of Trans, Genderqueer and Nonbinary This collection of Wilchins’ writings is provocative and thought-provoking. I felt…

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Margins and Murmurations by Otter Lieffe

Ahhh that moment when a self-published title blows you away! Otter Lieffe’s novel Margins and Murmurations was fantastic. It offers diverse queer characters, dystopia, a…

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Review in Quotes: Radical Reads from PM Press

Independent publisher PM Press specializes in “radical and stimulating fiction and nonfiction books” with a leftist (not liberal) bent. I recently enjoyed reading the…

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Beyond Trans by Heath Fogg Davis

When I’m highlighting furiously in the introduction alone, I know things are going to be good! Beyond Trans was fantastic. It’s intersectional, radical, and incredibly thought-provoking….

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eli clare

Brilliant Imperfection by Eli Clare

Able-bodied people, forget everything you think you believe about health and cure and disability politics, grab a copy of Brilliant Imperfection, and listen to…

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finney boylan

I’ll Give You Something to Cry About by Jennifer Finney Boylan

My first impression of I’ll Give You Something to Cry About was shaky. So many important details about the characters were delivered right off the bat,…

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