Love and Other Monsters in the Dark by K.B. Jensen

love and other monsters in the dark jensenK.B. Jensen’s Love and Other Monsters in the Dark is a collection of short stories and flash fiction covering a variety of genres: contemporary fiction, noir humor, speculative fiction, fabulism, and horror. I devoured these stories! Every sentence made me curious to read more. I resented having daily responsibilities to attend to, because I did not want to put this book down.

I mean, check out these amazing:


– “Edward Shuttleburger Steals an Armadillo on His Day Off”

– “Catfishing in the Time of Covid”

Opening lines:

– “The day time melted, I was standing in the kitchen, stirring a pot of boiling water, making chai.” (from The Day Time Melted)

– “Robbing a bank during a pandemic is easy.” (from Barbara, the Bank Robber)

And this quote:

“You can’t go back, only forward. You can only go one way. From who you were to who you are and then to who you will be.” (from Hey Charming)

I never knew what kind of characters or creatures I’d encounter. The stories are grounded in everyday life and explore love, connection, and relationships, but always with twists, thrills, and surprises. Honestly, these stories are absolute bonkers and I am totally here for it!

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