Blessings for the Long Night by Jessica Kantrowitz

The brief poems and mediations in Jessica Kantrowitz’s Blessings for the Long Night serve as prayers, reflections, and even gentle advice. These words are a comforting presence to anyone personally dealing with—or supporting loved ones with—depression.

But I think this powerful little book goes even further: It’s a wonderful resource for anyone who might find themselves leading healing prayer services, support groups, candlelight vigils, or any situation where it’s difficult to find words that will wade through grief and pain. The table of contents is organized by season and easy to navigate; the titles typically indicate any specific perspective being addressed, such as weariness, numbness, grief, or the weight of unanswered questions.

In Blessings for the Long Night, Kantrowitz takes simple, accessible language and beautifully crafts it so readers feel seen and understood, and never judged.

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