songs we used to dance to by courtney marie

A flat lay of the book Songs We Used To Dance To by Courtney Marie. The book is laying outside on green moss, and a pink, red, and navy blue flannel coat can be seen on the right side of the frame.A gift to all of us who are weary, songs we used to dance to is a collection of poetry by courtney marie, co-founder of the Spiderweb Salon artist collective. It releases March 31, 2022 from Goliad Media.

“the world is on fire but everything is fine. you’re invited to a party. there will be dancing. a poet falls in love with you. we want this to last forever. somewhere hidden, a garden blooms. a revolution overdue. illness and isolation. the misery of hope. the comfort of madness. a forest of contradictions. you’re not sure what’s real anymore. a ghost has gone missing. we haunt this place now. nothing will ever be the same.”

If you’re having a tough time dealing with the world right now, please treat yourself to a copy of this book. It’s cathartic. You’ll feel seen and understood. How are all of my current feelings wrapped up in a book of poetry by someone I don’t even know? I’m sorry that someone else out there gets it, but I’m thankful for that, too.

This is my kind of poetry. The rhythms and cadences felt completely natural, like music in my head. It’s raw and honest, with interesting formatting that complements the text. Never saccharine or emotionally manipulative, never tries to convince the reader of anything. Just emotionally honest. And yes, it’s heavy, but it’s hopeful, too. (My favorite hopeful poems were “abandoned community garden” and “a better world was possible.”)

“people are not a commodity. our joy is not for sale.”

courtney marie says in the acknowledgements, “i hope you have found solace and connection in its pages.” Goodness yes, I did, so very much. Thank you. I haven’t felt this moved and connected to poetry since I read Andrea Gibson’s Lord of the Butterflies.

Let courtney marie’s words in songs we used to dance to wash over you. You deserve the peace and understanding that their poetry brings.

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