The Daddy Chronicles by Jayne Martin

A flat lay of the book The Daddy Chronicles by Jayne Martin, on a black and silver net background.The Daddy Chronicles is a memoir about growing up with an often absent—and always emotionally unavailable—father. Told in 38 micro-vignettes, the point of view begins with a child’s perspective. The tone subtly shifts older as the book moves forward into Jayne’s adulthood. It was crushing to read about living in a broken household, desperately wanting your father to care about you and consistently being disappointed, and seeing the repercussions of that kind of childhood play out in the author’s life. But as gut-wrenching as this book is, there are moments of hope and strength, too.

If you had a similar childhood, you’ll find connection in The Daddy Chronicles. If this sounds nothing like your childhood, you’ll gain invaluable insight and empathy toward others. You can’t help but feel for Jayne at every stage of this small but mighty book. And the profound thoughtfulness of the last few sentences will bring healing to every reader, no matter what their personal stories may be.

This wasn’t my first time reading Jayne Martin’s work. Check out her flash fiction collection Tender Cuts, which consists of very short stories—sometimes only a few sentences long!

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