Possums Are NOT Cute! by Ally Burguieres

possums are not cutePossums Are NOT Cute! is the much-anticipated book by wildlife rehabber and possum advocate Ally Burguieres, known for her popular Instagram account @ItsMeSesame. Y’all, this book is so cute. SO CUTE! But it’s also:

  • Funny (so many lighthearted quips!)
  • Informative (both in science and history)
  • Responsible (explains why possums should never be kept as pets)
  • Colorful and…did I mention CUTE?! (lots of photos and illustrations, all full color!)

I went into this book already knowing the truth behind the most common myths about possums, but there was still so much more to learn! I had no idea just how amazing possums are. And weird, too—just wait until you get to the section on possum anatomy. Super weird stuff.

A big nonfiction pet peeve of mine is when asides/boxed text interrupt my reading. I’m never sure at what point I’m supposed to read the boxed text, and it isn’t always placed in a spot that makes sense. This book did such a great job avoiding this! It’s laid out so that your reading flow is never broken, not even once, and each aside connects seamlessly with the main text on that page.

Perfect for all ages, Possums Are NOT Cute! is a colorful, fact-filled book about the super sweet, helpful, humble, and downright fascinating possum—especially the Virginia opossum—and it is an absolute joy to read!

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