Flesh & Blood by N. West Moss

Flesh & Blood is a medical memoir that’s as delicate as it is powerful. N. West Moss perfectly captures the heartache of infertility and chronic illness – and the fears, hopes, and frustrations that come with major surgery and its recovery – all with a gentle sense of humor and a lovely way of looking at the world, even the smallest little details. Moss has written this book in very short chapters consisting of beautifully engaging prose, making it difficult to put the book down once you pick it up. I grew to love the people she loves (and a praying mantis!), and felt like I was right there with her each step of the way. What a stunning memoir, and with so many unexpected moments of joy.

Wwhen Algonquin Books sent me a copy of Flesh & Blood for the Instagram tour, they included a little notebook, recipes by @PickYourPotions for basil syrup and hibiscus syrup, and a packet of wildflower seeds. I recently read a book about guerrilla gardening, so I’m excited to put the seeds to unexpected use!

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