The Guest List by Lucy Foley

Lucy Foley’s The Guest List was my virtual book club’s pick for February. Our book club started at the beginning of the pandemic, and we chose this title because we realized we hadn’t yet read a thriller.

I was on the edge of my seat reading this book, ready to shout, “I knew it!” even though I wasn’t exactly sure I really did “know it.” And turns out, I didn’t! I never did, even at the end! And wow, was this ever a fast, curvy roller coaster by the end.

The pacing was great, I loved the different points of view, I loved the execution of the jumps in time, and I loved her writing style. Even the teaser sentences that would normally annoy me (lazy foreshadowing!) made me want to read on. The web of connections is kind of unbelievable, but somehow, I didn’t care that much.

Do you want characters you’re going to hate? Characters that have you thinking, “who are you, really?” and “why are you like this?” With a slow burn that’s almost painful to endure? Then this is your book. (And that shared hatred of the characters made for a fun book group discussion, too!)

I feel like The Guest List sits in a perfect mystery/thriller middle ground, right between cozy mysteries and darker thrillers. When I want something not too silly and fluffy, but still a fast and easy read, I’m pretty sure I’ll be reaching for another Lucy Foley book.

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