30-Day Journey with Dorothy Day edited by Coleman Fannin

Broadleaf Books has a wonderful 30-Day Journey series featuring important spiritual thinkers. I requested a copy of the 30-Day Journey with Dorothy Day because I’ve been drawn to Christian anarchism in recent years, and thought it would resonate. (It did.)

It’s hard to sum up a life like Dorothy Day’s in a brief introduction, but Coleman Fannin does a great job helping us get to know what Day accomplished, what motivated and inspired her, and making us to want to learn more about her.

Day was one of the founders of the Catholic Worker Movement, so her Catholicism is deeply woven into her writing. But as someone who isn’t Catholic, I didn’t find that alienating at all. I enjoyed learning about the “Little Way” and found a lot of hope and encouragement in that, especially in how it inspired Day to act on her anarchist principles. There was plenty to glean from Day’s wisdom, and any theological differences felt minor.

Each day is only two pages long and includes Dorothy Day’s own words, a bit of historical context and commentary as needed, and a brief reflection on her words. If you’re the journaling type, this book would be perfect to journal along with. The text is very brief, but each day packs in a lot to think about and work through.

After reading 30-Day Journey with Dorothy Day, I’ll be looking into the other books in the 30-Day Journey series.

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