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Non-Bookish Hobbies

One of my favorite non-bookish hobbies that I don’t get nearly enough time to do is crochet. I especially love to make amigurumi, which are small stuffed dolls or creatures. You crochet these “in the round,” like a spiral, and the stitches need to be tight enough that the stuffing doesn’t show through. They can be any size. I’m in awe of people who crochet the really tiny amigurumi, because my eyes just won’t allow me to right now. If you happen to knit or crochet and want to connect on Ravelry, here’s a link to my profile.

For today’s prompt, I’m going to highlight 10 projects from over the years. Let’s start with three amigurumi I’m especially proud of:

non-bookish hobbies amigurumi

Elephant – Social distancing has been hard, even for an introvert like me. At church, we’ve been live streaming only, no congregation. An older lady in the choir has been sending us musicians little notes of encouragement throughout the pandemic. She adores elephants, and I stalked her Facebook to find that her favorite color is red. She was thrilled! (pattern by Michelle Alvarez)

Bunny – This bunny was for the birthday of a friend’s daughter (and one of C’s close friends). Especially for a kid, it stinks to have your birthday plans interrupted by a pandemic, so I wanted to do something special for her. Her favorite color is yellow, and obviously her favorite animals are rabbits. She also loves the pan flag, so C made the little pin to put on the overalls. (pattern by Michelle Alvarez)

Sleepy Fox – This sleepy guy I made for C, who is absolutely crazy about foxes. I crocheted this before I had a good feel for how tight amigurumi should be, before I knew how to change colors almost invisibly, and also before I learned that I could yarn under instead of over in order to make the stitches look super neat. I can tell a huge improvement between this fox (made in 2017) and the animals above (made this year), but I’m still pretty proud of it. (pattern by Eserehtanin)

My First Amigurumi – So I started out this post with amigurumi I’m pretty proud of, but let me stay honest. These two little guys were my first attempts, back in 2012. I made the panda for C and the bear for one of my piano students. They look so wonky to me now, but C still has the panda and keeps it on a shelf in her room. (I can’t find the bear pattern, but the panda pattern is by Angie’s Art Studio.)

Yo-Yo Bookmark pattern by Priscilla Hewitt | Lace Bookmark pattern by Kara Gunza

Bookmarks – These two projects used crochet thread (instead of yarn) and teeny tiny hooks. I wanted to try something bookish, and bookmarks seemed like a fun idea and a simple place to start. Simple, ha! These were definitely a challenge! (pattern links in caption above)

Baby Blanket and Hat – I made this set for a friend’s baby. Both were very challenging to me. The blanket pattern, even though the designer explains it well, just messed with my head. And the puppy hat required a lot of sewing, which I don’t really like to do. Once they were complete, though, I was so happy with how they both turned out! (blanket pattern by Tamara Kelly | puppy hat pattern by Sarah Zimmerman)

Wave Scarf – I never finished this project, but I love the rhythm of this pattern and this variegated fingering weight yarn. I keep thinking one day I’ll come back to this and finish it. (pattern by Cori Dodds)

Nyan Cat Scarf – THIS SCARF!!! Take a popular meme (at the time), lots of vibrant, colorful yarn, and you have one happy kiddo. C is only 6 years old here. (pattern by Mevlinn Gusick)

So there you have it, 10 of my crochet projects from over the years. I can’t wait to see everyone else’s posts about their non-bookish hobbies!

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