The Mindful Universe by Mark Westmoquette

westmoquetteThe Mindful Universe is a mindfulness book like none other I’ve ever read. Written by astronomer Mark Westmoquette, this book communicates the depth of our connection to an incredible, awe-inspiring universe. Westmoquette explains the basic concepts of meditation and mindfulness, such as observing thoughts and how the body processes and responds to stress, in easy-to-access, everyday language. There’s also a lot of science in here: physics, astrophysics, quantum mechanics, philosophy, and more. When the narrative did get heavy on the science, I was impressed by what a great teacher the author is.

Some of the suggested meditations are really unique! They’re also practical and applicable to our lives as they are, not how we wish they’d be. I’ve found that sometimes meditation triggers an unsettling sense of existentialism that I can’t hang out with for too long. But this book is so grounded in the science of the universe that, even with all we don’t know, I found it very comforting.

The Mindful Universe is perfect for readers who are interested in mindfulness and meditation, love science, and crave a connection between these disciplines.

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