Kindred by Octavia Butler

kindredKindred was my second experience reading Octavia Butler and I’m now convinced I must read everything she’s written. Good thing I signed up for the Octavia E. Butler Slow Read! Over the course of two years, we’ll be reading Butler’s entire body of work. Plus, I need to discuss this incredible book with others.

It’s a damn shame this wasn’t required reading in my high school. Kindred got me thinking more about history, ancestry, racism and colorism, enslavement, and intergenerational trauma. It was terrifying and real; Butler’s writing style gets the reader fully absorbed in both the setting and the main character’s state of mind. And the way she implemented time travel made it so difficult to put the book down. I had to know what happened next.

I’m afraid all the flags I put in the book contain spoilers, but there was one quote that struck me as so relevant here in 2020:

“Repressive societies always seemed to understand the danger of ‘wrong’ ideas.”

If you don’t already know about the OEB Slow Read, you can find details on Instagram under the hashtag #ReadOctaviaSlowly. It’s hosted by Njeri (@ONYXPages), Isis (@sistahscifi), and Tatiana (@musicaltati).

There’s still plenty of time to join in on the slow read. This is the first book, and discussion doesn’t begin until September 27th. See the full reading schedule and sign up here.

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