Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe


Gender Queer is a graphic memoir that follows the author as e questions eir gender and sexual identities (nonbinary and asexual). It’s important to remember this is one individual’s story, but its greatest strength is how Kobabe differentiates between cis people who resist gender expectations and how a person comes to understand they are nonbinary.

There were a couple spots that I recognized as normal parts of this journey, but I wish these moments were fleshed out a bit more. My fear is that cis readers who don’t have the knowledge to fill in the blanks might miss the overall point and be tempted to medicalize gender identity.

Kobabe is very open about the many questions e had along the way, and readers are invited to think through those questions with em. I enjoyed both the story and the artwork, and read Gender Queer in one sitting.

About the author

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