Non-Binary Lives edited by Jos Twist, Ben Vincent, Meg-John Barker, and Kat Gupta

nonbinary livesNon-Binary Lives is a diverse collection of personal narratives that encompasses a huge variety of perspectives, reminding readers that there are endless ways to be non-binary. There are so many identities and intersections in this book: age (including coming out at different ages), health, neurodiversity, sexuality, body size, family size (including pregnancy and parenthood), gender identity, gender assigned at birth, race, nationality, class, faith.

I especially loved Fred Langridge’s essay “Non-Binary Experience in a Liberal Faith Community,” about being a member of the Quaker community. And Lucy/Luc Nicholas’s essay “Am I Allowed To Be Non-Binary, Too?” hit me right in the gut.

Cis readers will learn a great deal from this collection. There are some surprising perspectives in here, and so much to think about, even if you aren’t cis. Trans and non-binary readers, you will feel seen. Is impostor syndrome hitting you hard? Read. This. Book.

We often have language for what we are not before we have language for what we are. Non-Binary Lives is the kind of book that helps give readers language for – and celebrates – who they are.

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