Good Boy by Jennifer Finney Boylan

good boy boylanIt’s no secret that I love Jennifer Finney Boylan’s writing, fiction and nonfiction alike. Her phrasing is beautiful and engaging, making it oh-so-difficult to put down her books. I read her latest memoir, Good Boy, in less than a day. What a lovely premise, to set up a memoir organized by the dogs in one’s life. And Boylan’s dogs were chock full of personality! Her descriptions are incredibly vivid, whether she’s flipping an omelet or describing Matt the Mutt (I’m still laughing at that dog’s antics!) knock down a guacamole-carrying visitor. I could seriously listen to her stories all day long.

Anyone with pets knows that the animals in our lives can teach us a great deal about ourselves, and that’s the angle Boylan takes in Good Boy. I highlighted some quotes that struck me to my core, but honestly, they’re too personal to me to share here. All I can say is, I’m thankful Boylan has such an open heart and is so willing to write about her experiences. We’re privileged to have her wisdom and optimism.

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