How To Do Nothing by Jenny Odell

attention odellI went into Jenny Odell’s How To Do Nothing thinking I was getting a general “how to slim down your social media usage” type of book, but this completely surprised me! I loved its nuanced, anti-capitalist perspective. Odell discusses the far-reaching implications of how our attention is being used as a commodity, as well as how to subvert that in deeply meaningful ways.

She makes great points about how the ability to choose to unplug from social media involves a lot of privilege, and how it misses a larger, more important point. Instead, she encourages readers to resist and redirect our attention in order to regain control, without giving up connection and community. (Including a cool bit about the free, open-source, self-hosted social networking service Mastodon!). Odell meandered a bit too much for my taste, but I appreciated the food for thought.

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