Parkland by Dave Cullen

parklandObviously Parkland has its tough reading moments. But the focus is much less on the actual shooting itself, and more on the surviving kids finding hope and resilience, working through their grief, and most of all, organizing to effect change.

Readers are with these kids as they experience how dirty (and partisan) politics is and how frustrating media spin can be. But we’re also with them as they connect with, learn from, and try to help boost the voices of groups like the Peace Warriors and BRAVE (Bold Resistance Against Violence Everywhere) of Chicago.

In his engaging narrative style, Cullen shows us teens with a deep sense of injustice who are capable of so much more than many adults give them credit for. He reminds us that kids are a vital part of our communities, with their own creative ideas on how get things done, who deserve to be heard and taken seriously when they speak out on issues that affect their futures.

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