Becoming by Michelle Obama

michelle obamaI don’t get starry-eyed when I think of the Obamas, and I don’t put President Obama on a pedestal. That being said, I really appreciated the kind, thoughtful candor of Michelle Obama’s memoir, Becoming. Listening to her optimism chipped away a tiny bit of my own cynicism.

Even though much of the Obamas’ lives revolve around politics, Michelle Obama’s memoir is more about human connections and community. That was so refreshing! I enjoyed hearing about her early life (especially her childhood piano lessons!), how she and Barack met and fell in love, the wisdom she’s gained over the years, and the glimpses into everyday life in the White House.

I’m glad I chose the audiobook version, narrated by Michelle herself. (She does speak pretty slowly, though, so I ended up listening to this at a slightly faster speed.) Sincerity and hopefulness shine through the soothing cadence of her words.

Honestly, if you’re the type of person who feels strongly about making your community a better place, I think you’ll enjoy Michelle Obama’s Becoming, no matter where you fall on the political spectrum.