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What’s your Myers-Briggs book personality?

I saw this fun bookish activity over at Feed Your Fiction Addiction. If you want to do this prompt, first take the Myers-Briggs test, then grab the questions that match your results (originated by Jaded Reader) and answer them in your own post.

I had to take the test because I didn’t know my type. Apparently I’m an ISFJ-A (the A is for “assertive” which, haha yeah, that’s accurate). I can definitely see myself in these adjectives, although I think I’m not very traditional. And yes, I may follow rules, but I can see right through unjust rules and will seethe about it internally (or ignore it completely, depending on how it affects others).


(I) INTROVERT: You can be outgoing, but need to recharge with some calming solitude. Where is your favorite place to read & unwind? Why is this little oasis where you choose to go?  

My favorite place to read and recharge is sitting on my front porch on a nice day with a cup of coffee or iced tea. We live at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac. There’s a canopy of trees over the house, so I hear all kinds of birds and chattering squirrels. Tall bushes offer some privacy. I feel just secluded enough and just connected enough here.

(S) SENSING: A book can have great ideas, but poor execution can be a killer. What’s a book or series with an amazing idea but you couldn’t suspend your disbelief? (This can do with world building, magic systems, or plot flaws!)

You know what kills a book for me? When an author’s transphobia sneaks in. Two glaring examples: Boy, Snow, Bird by Helen Oyeyemi (which would have otherwise been a 4-star read for me) and Mr. Splitfoot by Samantha Hunt (the storyline was what kept me reading, but it wasn’t worth it).

(F) FEELING: Not everything needs to be realistic, where is the fun in a world with limits? Which fantasy world do you find so atmospheric you slip inside and never want to leave? (Put simply, a book with good vibes.)

It’s a middle grade series, but I love the atmosphere of The Bliss Bakery trilogy by Kathyrn Littlewood. It’s magical, funny, delightful, and full of heart. I’d be happy to stay inside this world!

(J) JUDGING: All play and no work leads to chaotic disorder…and anarchy. How do you structure and balance your reading, blogging, and personal life to better use your time?

I don’t structure it at all. Structure here would take the fun out of reading and blogging. I just listen to myself. In this moment, do I want to read? Do I want to blog? If yes, then when I have moments of time, I do these things. Even when I’m super busy, I can always sneak in some reading/blogging time on my phone during little breaks throughout the day. If I don’t feel like reading or blogging, it’s okay. Everything will still be there when I do.

(PS – Anarchist principles aren’t chaotic. They’re more about self-organization, horizontal decision-making, voluntary, non-coercive interactions, mutual cooperation, and mutual aid.)

ISFJ: The Nurturer – You often put others’ needs above your own, but what book or routine helps you when practicing self-care? (If you don’t have one, this might be a great time to figure it out.)

Books: Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal and The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World

Routines: Naps, bubble baths, evening drives with my family, and delicious coffee.


Do you know your personality type? Are you an introvert or an extrovert? If this prompt sounds fun to you, consider yourself tagged!

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