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35343324Small Animals by Kim Brooks

Sadly, this book didn’t live up to its blurb. It seems to speak more to parents who lack confidence in their parenting, who really worry about keeping up with (and how they appear to) others. Although the author acknowledges her own privilege, there’s still an icky layer of ableism and classism throughout. Her points felt scattered and unfocused. When a significant point/angle did come up, it wasn’t fleshed out before moving on. Overall, not a satisfying read.


35960217Mindfulness in Music by Mark Tanner

There’s something for everyone here, whether you only listen to music or you perform, amateur or professional. Most of the book is geared toward amateur musicians and avid listeners. (There’s plenty for professionals to enjoy, but the concepts aren’t really new to most of us.) Topics include mindfulness when listening, creating, and performing as well as a nice dose of music appreciation. Love the focus on listeners being a vital part of the live music experience!


153242Take This Bread by Sara Miles

I love Miles’ perspectives on direct action and how feeding the hungry is an extension of communion, of church. I appreciate how her rebellious nature helped her get things done effectively. But the way she describes people was cringey in some places, and downright dehumanizing in others (complete with slurs). It was especially intense toward disabled and trans people. Unfortunately, this cast a dark shadow over the book as a whole.

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