The Rules Do Not Apply by Ariel Levy

ariel levyAriel Levy’s writing in The Rules Do Not Apply is lush, her phrasing beautiful in a way similar to Cheryl Strayed. Levy shares a deeply personal, harrowing experience with brutal honesty. She conveys exactly how she felt without mincing words. That’s significant, because talking about miscarriage is still such a taboo. Her openness is sure to help readers understand what others go through.

That said, the memoir didn’t feel cohesive overall. There were too many unconnected filler stories, and her privilege was painfully obvious time and time again.

Trans folks, heads up in chapter 9 for blatant transphobia. The way the author refers to and talks about her trans friend is shockingly disrespectful and problematic. I thought she might have included this chapter to show growth, but there was no follow-up whatsoever so…yeah.