Guest Post: Travels & Travails Of Small Minds (Song Essay)

. . . Today I'm welcoming Daniel Falatko to my blog. Daniel has written the following music-related guest post to go along with his book Travels & Travails of Small Minds. Enjoy! Travels & Travails Of Small Minds Song List by Daniel Falatko My brand new tome, which comes with an unwieldy title that can be acronymed as T&TOSM, takes place in a number of disparate locations. Some of these places are fictional. Others are ever so real. I’ve never written anything previously that wasn’t 100% static in location (NYC only), so easing through the scenery changes wasn’t quite so simple and made me gain a keen amount of respect for someone like the dude who wrote the Bourne series,…


The Talented Ribkins by Ladee Hubbard

The Talented Ribkins is a great multigenerational road trip adventure that gently tackles themes such as race, class, politics, and family. It's literary fiction with a dash of superhero novel added in: Most of the characters have special powers, and the older characters once used those powers for good during the civil rights era. As 72-year-old Johnny and his newly-discovered niece travel across Florida to dig up bags of money Johnny had hidden during his younger years (he's got a debt to pay and a tight deadline), we meet more and more characters and really get to know the Ribkins family. It's an exciting, sweet story, but as you mull over the themes, you find it's actually much deeper than that.…


Margins and Murmurations by Otter Lieffe

Ahhh that moment when a self-published title blows you away! Otter Lieffe's novel Margins and Murmurations was fantastic. It offers diverse queer characters, dystopia, a bit of time travel, and resistance. This novel was super disconcerting because as Lieffe builds this dystopian world for the reader, you realize it has way too many real parallels to our current world. So you get social commentary as a natural part of the world-building. There's a hint of utopia as well: Before the State took control, this society had embraced and been shaped by all kinds of marginalized people. Glimpses of how wonderful that would be gave me hope. Speaking of hope, I have to mention the General (Gus). What an interesting, complex character!…

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