Strange Contagion by Lee Daniel Kravetz

strangecontagionJournalist Lee Daniel Kravetz had recently moved to Palo Alto, California when a cluster of teen suicides, all carried out in the same manner, occurred. Like everyone else in the community, he wondered why it was happening. Strange Contagion is the result of his attempt to make sense of these tragedies and the social viruses behind them.

It was disconcerting to learn that social viruses are even a thing. The body catches and fights off viruses all the time; and the mind is part of the body, so the existence of this phenomena makes sense…but it was terrifying to realize they can affect people’s actions. Kravetz takes a look at other communities who have experienced “strange contagions” and how they stopped them. He looks into what conditions have created environments in which they can come about, and cites the scientific research behind it.

Overall, this was a fascinating read, although there were portions that dragged a bit. I recommend Strange Contagion for fans of Malcolm Gladwell (especially if you enjoyed The Tipping Point).

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