Kinship of Clover by Ellen Meeropol

kinshipofcloverKinship of Clover is an engaging read. Based on its synopsis, though, I expected a much different book. The real stars here are Flo and her granddaughter, Zoe. I couldn’t get enough of those two, especially Flo! Jeremy is supposed to be the protagonist, but he felt more like a secondary character (still important, but secondary).

I have to be honest: There were some things in this novel that made me feel uncomfortable. The descriptions of skin color (especially combined with hair color) felt…off. The disability rep as far as Zoe herself goes was fine. But the thoughts of those around her were problematic and left unaddressed. (I actually winced a few times.) The intent may have been to give readers an honest look inside the characters’ minds, but it wasn’t executed in a convincing way.

Flo’s story as a portrait of Alzheimer’s is so compelling, it overshadows Jeremy’s storyline. Part of me is bummed about that, because that blurb is what drew me in. But it worked out; I enjoyed the book. Zoe’s concern for Flo, how perceptive she is of her grandmother’s feelings as Alzheimer’s takes over, was incredibly moving. Zoe is feisty (just like her grandmother) and wise beyond her years. The bond between her and her grandmother pours out of these pages. I loved reading Flo’s memories of her life as an activist for social justice and change, and I admired the way she kept on fighting.

Have you ever read a novel that delivered a different story than the synopsis suggested? How much do you think that falls on the reader and what they bring into the reading experience?

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