By the Wayside by Anne Leigh Parrish


I’m a sucker for short story collections, and By the Wayside hit the spot. Many of these stories are powerful slices of life. Some have a fable-like atmosphere; others, a dash of magical realism. This collection was a delight.

Social commentary is cleverly woven in (especially in “Bree’s Miracle” and “Patience,” which allude to reproductive rights and Black Lives Matter, respectively). They pack a real punch, but it’s subtle, never heavy-handed.

And “How She Was Found” — this is a feminist love song, y’all. I loved the quiet little jabs. And oh my gosh, the ending had me scream-cheering! As in:

By the Wayside grabbed me in a lot of the same ways Parrish’s Our Love Could Light the World did: interesting characters, complex situations, and a lot of heart. Anne Leigh Parrish sure knows how to write about being human, and dealing with other people. l thoroughly enjoyed this book; it encouraged me to slow down and savor each story.

(Plus, how can I not love a book that sends me on a rabbit trail looking up Lillian Gish and Clara Bow, and watching old silent films on YouTube?)

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