The Thing About Great White Sharks by Rebecca Adams Wright

great white sharksThe fifteen speculative short stories in The Thing About Great White Sharks blew me away! This collection is creative, offbeat and really delightful. As each story unfolded, I had a steady stream of happy/excited/giddy feelings because I never knew what was coming up next.

Rebecca Adams Wright’s versatility shines throughout this book. In Sheila, a man makes a difficult (and shocking) decision concerning his robotic dog when “mechanimals” are banned after a single but horrific incident. Storybag makes you think: Are we living our lives as part of someone else’s story, or writing our own? Keeper of the Glass is a war story with a twist of fantasy, based on a true historical thread: Keeping panels of the cathedral’s stained glass windows hidden in people’s homes in order to keep them safe from destruction during the war. Orchids is a thriller with a paranormal twist. What To Expect When You’re Expecting an Alien Parasite is a hilariously terrifying, downright delicious satire on those fear-mongering pregnancy books. Aleph Bat is a nerdy tale of horror. And the title story is a dystopia unlike any other I’ve read; its premise would make for the coolest novel!

And let’s talk about the story order of the collection: It builds, builds, builds — then what?! holy crap! — then a cool-down that is fantastical and masterfully wraps up the entire reading experience.

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