This House Is Not For Sale by E.C. Osondu

osonduE.C. Osondu’s This House is Not for Sale is a little novel (only 192 pages) that reads like a connected set of vignettes, each chapter its own parable. At first I was swept away by the characters and Osondu’s lovely writing, but after a few chapters I started to feel disinterested. Worse, that feeling persisted through to the end of the novel.

All the elements that make me want to read more, that propel the novel forward in some way, seemed to be missing here. Or maybe not so much missing as scattered? Yes, this is a character-driven novel, but even those have something about them that keeps you turning the pages. Maybe it was a combination of things for me: I didn’t feel centered, the story didn’t feel cohesive, I struggled to read on. By the time I got to what would have been a “payoff” at the end, I had spent so long feeling apathetic I felt nothing at all.

This is exactly the kind of novel I go for, so I was disappointed that it didn’t work for me. Have any of you read this yet? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Maybe it just hit me at the wrong time?

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