Book Community Happiness

After the book blogger shout-outs yesterday, I was on a roll. There’s so much I love about book blogging (which is why I do it!). Once I set aside distractions and started thinking about that, the reasons why kept coming.

We understand each other.

from agirlandhershows, Tumblr

1. You think nobody else can possibly love your favorite author as much as you do…and then you make a bookish friend who names her kitten after him! [via Leah]

2. Dogs aren’t much different than children when you’re trying to read. [via Shannon]

3. Fellow non-fiction enthusiasts unite! [via Katie W.]

We spread bookish joy.
from bumblebookbees, Tumblr

4. Because of someone’s post, you start reading material you’d have never given a second glance to otherwise. And you’re sold. [Andi does this to me a lot.]

5. You can share a book you hated with a good friend, just for the laugh. [Thanks, April!]

6. We even celebrate and encourage students who are doing the same. [via Jennine]

We give. We connect.
from Giphy
7. We shower each other with gifts just for the fun of it. [via Amanda]

8. We give when we see a need, too. [via Adam]

9. We like to admire each other’s talents. [via Heather]

10. We encourage a sense of peace and calm. [via Bryan, I’m just linking to his entire blog!]

We love to have fun!
from gifsoup

11. By sharing calories. [via Catherine and Jennifer]

12. And meeting up with blogger friends. [via Rebecca]

13. And enjoying tasty beverages. [via Katie K.]

14. And most importantly, by READING! [via Dewey’s Read-a-thonBout of Books, and 24in48]