A Deadly Wandering by Matt Richtel

deadly wanderingMost of A Deadly Wandering read like a true crime book, which isn’t a genre I enjoy. I was expecting research-driven narrative non-fiction. There was so much dramatic filler. So much background information on figures that had more to do with Reggie’s prosecution than with “the impact of technology.” I started to resent feeling like I was wading through fluff to find pertinent points.

However, I found the science fascinating and appreciated the author’s multifaceted approach: the way technology affects our brain, how and why it can be so addictive, our attention span and our ability to multitask. Unfortunately, the science was the only thing compelling me to keep reading. I couldn’t get past the book’s “true crime” tone, which made me feel manipulated into a conclusion, instead of trusted to understand the science presented.

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