Bout of Books 11 Wrap Up


Well, we’ve reached the end of Bout of Books 11. I met all of my goals. Participated in a Twitter chat and a few of the challenges. I wanted to read at least 100 pages a day, but ended up averaging about 233 pages a day. I went a little free-range on the books I’d planned to read (that’s part of the fun!) and read 8 books total, which tallied up to be a total of 1,631 pages! Here are the books I read this week:

A Brief Moment of Weightlessness was my favorite read of the week. It’s a collection of short stories, and every single one (EVERY SINGLE ONE!) ripped my heart out and took my breath away, in all the best ways. I’m actually on the TLC Book Tour for this title, so my review won’t be coming for another month.

Another of my Bout of Books 11 goals was to involve my 5-year-old in the fun. I had a stack of books I’d selected for her, which ended up being a starting place. C has been right on the edge of being able to read on her own, but she doesn’t like to fail and had started to express some negative feelings toward reading (and you guys, we’re kind of unschooly so really, I don’t push her!). I had a feeling this event would be a great boost for her if I drummed up how much fun it is. I let her pick out snacks at the grocery store (gummi worms were a huge hit), we had a slumber party in the living room for two nights, we stayed up really late, and we had cozy corners of her bedroom and the living room all set up for snuggles, with books everywhere.

It worked! C read three BOB Books on her own. The only help I provided was pointing to each word (otherwise, she still wants to look all over the place and guess at what the page says). She asked to play Reading Eggs and worked through a few lessons there. We had planned a trip to the library, but for some reason got sidetracked and didn’t end up going. The most important thing, though: C was expressing excitement toward books rather than the “I’m not good at this” attitude that had started to creep in. Bout of Books was a huge win for her, and I’m going to try to continue to involve her in future readathons.

So, that’s my wrap up: Bout of Books 11 was a great success! And now I have a ton of reviews to write… 😉

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