Top Ten Blogging Confessions

Top Ten Blogging Confessions

1. I don’t use a star rating system on my blog, because I’m afraid it would overshadow what I have to say about the book. But I admit, I find star ratings handy on sites such as Goodreads or Amazon, and I use them as a starting place when deciding whether or not to look further into a book.

2. I tend to get stuck in an adjective rut, overusing the same few again and again, so I regularly use a thesaurus. I’ve been known to spend an embarrassing amount of time searching for the adjective, the one which perfectly reflects how I feel.

3. Reading chunksters causes me to fall behind on blog posts. I don’t start a chunkster without worrying about having posts scheduled during that time, because having posts to write hanging over my head affects my ability to lose myself in the book. Now that I’m well into my second year of book blogging, though, I think I worry about this a little less, and realize that a bit of quiet on the blog (like last week) isn’t the end of the world.

4. I almost always avoid publishing more than one post on the same day, and sometimes get very creative in order to do so. I have a specific aesthetic reason for this, and it’s probably a limitation unique to Blogger. There must be a work-around for it… hmmmm [wheels turning].

5. I confess that sometimes I get frustrated when people respond to technical, how-to questions which are unique to a specific blogging platform with comments like “this kind of thing is why I switched to [other platform]” or “this isn’t a problem on [platform I use].” Not helpful. Besides, sometimes finding ways to hack a so-called limitation is a fun learning experience!

6. Wrapping up a post with an open-ended question really seems to increase comments… but I often forget or am too lazy to think of one.

7. I’ve been thinking about vlogging a review every once in a while, but I’m so chicken! I’m not convinced I can speak intelligently about a title. I’m going to blame this on mommy brain, even though I have a 5-year-old only child.

8. When I don’t love a book everyone seems to be raving about, I wonder if I missed something, or if I’m not intelligent enough to “get” it at all. Especially if we’re talking literary fiction.

9. I used to censor myself out of fear. I wouldn’t include certain books in my “currently reading” posts on Facebook or Instagram, knowing people I know in real life would see them. I fretted over every phrase, every sentence in my reviews of Stuck in the Middle with You and For Today I Am a Boy, to make sure I didn’t seem too close to the topic. Now, that fear is gone. I no longer have to worry about outing someone close to me, and my job circumstances have changed: I’m now completely independent, with a waiting list so… yeah. It’s a good place to be!

10. Even though we’re scattered across the world, I have made some wonderful, true friendships with fellow book bloggers. You know who you are. I love you guys!

Can you relate to any of my book blogging confessions?

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