solo/down by Lauryn Allison Lewis


I was nervous about reading solo/down because the back of the book describes it as a “dark and surreal body-horror tale.” Totally outside my comfort zone! Not to mention, the book’s description ends with: “CAUTION: Not for the weak of either stomach or spirit.” Yikes. But it’s CCLaP, and I have yet to be disappointed in one of their titles. I trusted and gave it a try… and I was blown away.

I loved the alternating perspectives, which changed seamlessly without any notation as to who the narrator was at any given time. It wasn’t necessary. Somehow, the author was able to convey that with little to no effort on the part of the reader. Also, the parent/child and sibling dynamics added an interesting thread to the story as well. I appreciated how Lewis was able to weave deeper issues into such an action-packed novella.

So yeah. This story is downright creepy! I was scared for Astrid, I couldn’t stop turning the pages to find out what happens next, but I was absolutely terrified to find out. The ending was sad, bittersweet in an odd way, shocking, and absolutely bone chilling.

solo/down is a thrilling sci-fi novella with just enough horror and magical realism thrown in. I’m glad to say, I learned I’m stronger in “stomach and spirit” than I expected. This was an exciting read, one that will appeal especially to sci-fi fans.

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