Bout of Books 10 Wrap Up

My goals for Bout of Books 10 were:
– Read. A lot.
– Participate in at least one Twitter chat
– Participate in at least one challenge
– Find a new-to-me blog to follow

I had a fantastic readathon! I read 1,225 pages and finished 6 books (don’t be too impressed, there were novellas thrown in to the mix). I participated in three Twitter chats, a bunch of challenges, and I started following shoutame reads.

Here are the books I completed last week:

Image Map
If I had to pick a favorite from the week, it would be The Unfinished Child, hands down.

As for my current read, I’m about halfway through The Year She Left Us by Kathryn Ma. After that, I’ll probably start The Sixteenth of June by Maya Lang.

Often I’m ready for a break at the end of a readathon, but I sort of feel like I’m on a roll. Now I definitely have a bunch of reviews to write, though!

What are you reading this week?

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