The Big Tiny by Dee Williams


After being diagnosed with a heart condition at age forty-one, Dee Williams started to re-examine her life, her possessions, and what matters most to her. She decided to build an 84-square-foot tiny house on a flatbed trailer, from scratch, on her own.

I’m fascinated by the idea of living in such a small space, especially one that can be moved from place to place. The author’s introspection gave me a lot to reflect upon personally, and it was fascinating to read about how she went about downsizing her life.

However, Williams would often jump around in her narrative, following rabbit trails as she reminisced, skipping around in time, and that detracted from a sense of coherence.

Scattered as it could be, I thoroughly enjoyed the content. I was never once bored while reading. Keep in mind that this isn’t a do-it-yourself memoir. It’s a built-it-myself memoir. A major life change such as Dee’s forces a person into a great deal of internal reflection. That’s what this memoir gives the reader: a human interest story. When I finished reading The Big Tiny, I felt like I’d really gotten to know Dee Williams.

Have you ever considered living in a space as small as a tiny house? An RV?

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