Review: Our Love Could Light the World by Anne Leigh Parrish

love light worldThe short stories in Our Love Could Light the World are so interconnected, the book reads almost like a novel with changing perspectives. This family is full of character and pluck; each member a unique, complex person. Especially the mother, Lavinia. Wow. As soon as I wanted to get all judgy, I’d change my mind. There were times I despised her, loved her, pitied her, and cheered for her. And Angie, the oldest of the five siblings. I so wanted to help her along her way.

Some really poor (some downright stupid) choices are made, but I loved how this family plows ahead. Just like real life, these characters have complicated, sometimes messy, relationships, and the decisions they face can rarely be seen in black and white.

In a format appealing to fans of both short stories and character-driven novels, Anne Leigh Parrish invites readers into the Dugan family with writing that flows easily and grabs the heart.

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