Review & Songlist: Women Float by Maureen Foley

It’s no secret: I love CCLaP titles. So I was crazy excited when asked to be a part of a tour for Maureen Foley’s Women Float! Yesterday Kit at Lesbrary posted an audio excerpt of the book. Today, Maureen was kind enough to write up a song list to include with my review today, which I’ve compiled into a YouTube playlist if you’d like to take a listen (see below)! Tomorrow, hop over to Ryan at WordPlaySound for a special podcast.

   Title: Women Float
Author: Maureen Foley
Publisher: CCLaP (Chicago Center for Literature and Photography)

May 27, 2013

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

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Win’s mom abandoned her shortly after Win’s ninth birthday. Not only was she was old enough to remember, but her mom had a habit of leaving, coming back, leaving, coming back. So Win has hung on, since childhood, to the tiniest hope that her mom will return. From what I can gather, anyhow… Win is a terribly unreliable character. Her coping mechanism? She compulsively lies, making up scenarios that make her feel better. Eventually, lies will fall apart.

This is Win’s story of learning to cope with what happened in her childhood and the way she has allowed it to shape her, and how she breaks free to become the person she wants to be. She has some wonderful friends in her life to help with that. Women Float is a beautifully written story, realistic and compelling from start to finish.

A special treat straight from the author: Here are 10 songs to listen to while reading Women Float. Enjoy!

1. “Circle,” by Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians
2. “Rosalina,” The Upbeat
3. “Chocolate Jesus,” Tom Waits
4. “You and Only You,” The Softies
5. “The Nicest Thing,” Kate Nash
6. “For You,” Tracy Chapman
7. “Just Like a Woman,” Bob Dylan
8.”I Don’t Love Anyone,” Belle & Sebastian
9. “Where is Mother,” Bob Marley
10. “Joyful Girl,” Ani DiFranco

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