Update (FAIL) on the Little Women Read Along

Soooo… I made it halfway through Little Women. And then I found myself skimming. Or falling asleep. I just couldn’t push ahead, and I started to dread opening the book at all.

I think the overly sweet (and somewhat preachy) tone got to me. Not that I had a problem with (most of) the sentiments, but after pages and pages of it, I felt bored.

Something I couldn’t get past – and some of you have already heard me say this – was how the Marches constantly talked about how poor they were. Yet, they had a servant. Food. A nice home. Extras. Even after seeing the neighbor family starving and freezing to death, even after the death of that family’s baby, the girls still had the audacity to call themselves poor?! Poorer than others in one’s social circle does not mean one is actually poor. Sigh. I did love Marmee though, and can see why she’s often named as a favorite character. I wouldn’t mind being a little more like her.

I’m a little bummed because I loved the musical, but you know, that was a whole lot shorter in length! So, I tried. I failed. But I’m glad I gave it a shot.

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