Little Women

I’m playing in the orchestra for the local university’s production of the musical Little Women. Tomorrow is opening night! The singers sound fantastic. I’m impressed by how talented these students are.

The music is quite beautiful, with undertones of that “new age piano” kind of sound, which I admit I’m a sucker for! Here’s a video of a song that had half our orchestra in tears — even a couple of the guys. This is Beth’s final scene (featuring Broadway stars Sutton Foster as Jo and Megan McGinnis as Beth):

From the pit, we can’t see what’s happening up on stage. Listening to the dialogue, I realized I remember little to nothing about the book. I read it in early elementary school, and I think much of it went over my head. So I’m adding Little Women to my TBR list. Now the question is, when will I get around to it? Looks like it’s a chunkster.

Have you read Little Women? Seen the musical?

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