Sundog Books in Seaside, Florida

Saturday I played a symphony concert in Seaside, Florida. If you’re familiar with the movie The Truman Show, you’ve seen Seaside, since most of the movie was filmed there. I had my Nook HD+ all set up so I wouldn’t have to worry about clips and plexiglass to keep my music from flying everywhere. (There’s a glare in the photo for some reason, but in real life, there wasn’t a glare at all. Everything looked really sharp!)

I love going to Seaside, but haven’t been in a few years. We had a good 3 hours in between our afternoon rehearsal and the concert, so I walked over to an indie bookstore in the town square called Sundog Books. This place is amazing!

It’s such a cozy space, and the staff is so friendly. The books look a little haphazard on the shelves, like many of us probably have at home (haha). That felt so comfortable and welcoming. But the shelves are not disorganized, no matter how it appears! It’s very easy to find genres and specific authors within. There’s a nice children’s section, and even some toys for the kids to play with. I loved the staff recommend case (top right) and spent quite a bit of time in front of it. Great variety of titles too, from backlist to new releases to local authors. So fun to see the print versions of all the galleys I’ve read and/or heard about around the book blogosphere.

I ended up buying two books for myself, and one for my daughter. Very excited to find a beach-themed book by Margaret Wise Brown!

If you’re ever in the Florida panhandle, try to visit the beautiful town of Seaside, and realize that you might end up spending a good bit of time at Sundog Books!