Fallout by Todd Strasser

Title: FalloutAuthor: Todd StrasserPublisher: CandlewickExpected Release: September 10, 2013Source: publisher (won during Armchair BEA)Amazon | Barnes & Noble | GoodreadsFallout website (for further resources)Synopsis (from Goodreads):What if the bomb had actually been dropped? What if your family was the only one with a shelter? In the summer of 1962, the possibility of nuclear war is all anyone talks about. But Scott’s dad is the only one in the neighborhood who actually prepares for the worst. As the neighbors scoff, he builds a bomb shelter to hold his family and stocks it with just enough supplies to keep the four of them alive for two critical weeks. In the middle of the night in late October, when the unthinkable happens, those…


Review: A Dash of Magic by Kathryn Littlewood

Title: A Dash of Magic (The Bliss Bakery #2)Author: Kathryn LittlewoodPublisher: Katherine Tegen BooksReleased: February 12, 2013Source: authorAmazon | Barnes & Noble | GoodreadsSynopsis (from Goodreads):Rosemary Bliss will do anything to get back her family's magical Cookery Booke. That's why she challenges Aunt Lily to an international baking competition in Paris: If Rose wins, Lily agrees to return the cookery Booke that she stole. If Rose loses...well, the consequences are too ugly to think about. But Lily isn't playing fair--she's using a magical ingredient to cheat. The only way for Rose to compete is for her to find magical ingredients of her own. Together with her long-lost grandpa, his sarcastic talking cat, and a turncoat French mouse, Rose and her brothers…


Sundog Books in Seaside, Florida

Saturday I played a symphony concert in Seaside, Florida. If you're familiar with the movie The Truman Show, you've seen Seaside, since most of the movie was filmed there. I had my Nook HD+ all set up so I wouldn't have to worry about clips and plexiglass to keep my music from flying everywhere. (There's a glare in the photo for some reason, but in real life, there wasn't a glare at all. Everything looked really sharp!)I love going to Seaside, but haven't been in a few years. We had a good 3 hours in between our afternoon rehearsal and the concert, so I walked over to an indie bookstore in the town square called Sundog Books. This place is…


Lungs Full of Noise by Tessa Mellas

Title: Lungs Full of NoiseAuthor: Tessa MellasPublisher: University of Iowa PressExpected Release: October 1, 2013Source: publisher (NetGalley)Amazon | Barnes & Noble | GoodreadsSynopsis (from Goodreads):This prize-winning debut of twelve stories explores a femininity that is magical, raw, and grotesque. Aghast at the failings of their bodies, this cast of misfit women and girls sets out to remedy the misdirection of their lives in bold and reckless ways. Figure skaters screw skate blades into the bones of their feet to master elusive jumps. A divorcee steals the severed arm of her ex to reclaim the fragments of a dissolved marriage. Following the advice of a fashion magazine, teenaged girls binge on grapes to dye their skin purple and attract prom dates.…


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