Top Ten Tuesday: Beginnings & Endings

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

Since I read a lot of non-fiction as well as fiction, I chose from both genres. I started to comment on my choices, but any thoughts I tried to add only seemed to detract. So here are my top ten first and last lines, on their own.


1. Haruki Murakami – 1Q84
“The taxi’s radio was tuned to a classical FM broadcast. Janáček’s Sinfonietta – probably not the ideal music to hear in a taxi caught in traffic.”

2. Alexa Stevenson – Half Baked
“When you give birth to a baby who weights less than two pounds, no one knows what kind of flowers to send.”

3. Wil Wheaton – “Houses in Motion” (from Dancing Barefoot)
“It’s been almost a year since Aunt Val died. Though we were all promised that her house would remain in the family, it has been sold, and there are many things to be picked up and moved out.”

4. Hugh Howey – Wool
“The children were playing while Holston climbed to his death; he could hear them squealing as only happy children do.”

5. Barbara R. Rossing – The Rapture Exposed
“The rapture is a racket. Whether prescribing a violent script for Israel or survivalism in the United States, this theology distorts God’s vision for the world.”


1. Jonathan Safran Foer – Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
“We would have been safe.”

2. Aimee Bender – “Jinx” (from Willful Creatures)
“By graduation day, three years later, they had forgotten each other’s phone numbers completely, even though they hugged in their caps and gowns and tassels for old times’ sake and said, Good luck, Keep in touch, Have a hot summer, Later.”

3. Susan Fries – My Teacher: Remembering Marcel Moyse

4. Margaret Atwood – The Handmaid’s Tale
“Are there any questions?”

5. Haruki Murakami – Norwegian Wood (Birnbaum translation)
“All I could see about me were people, scores of people, all tired of walking about aimlessly. I held onto the line to Midori from there in the middle of nowhere.”