Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: Accessing Your Domain Name Admin Console (Blogger)

This Bloggiesta mini-challenge is geared specifically for Blogger users.

If you purchased your blog’s domain name through Blogger, you may have discovered the complete nightmare of trying to access its admin control panel. I don’t understand why Google makes this so hard!

Here’s what you have to do to access the control panel for your blog’s domain. Thankfully you only have to go through this far-too-complicated process one time. (I recommend watching this video full-screen).

After completing these steps, future visits to will consist of a simple log in using as your email address (obviously replacing “your domain” with your actual domain).

You should be able to access your domain’s admin control panel in case you need it or want to use the extra services (like email addresses) associated with it. If you purchased your domain name via Blogger, I challenge you to complete the process outlined above!