Language Freak Summer Challenge

Ekaterina at In My Book is hosting a Language Freak Summer Challenge! This challenge is meant to help you brush up on whatever language you need to practice by reading a book in that language. Visit the challenge page to read the rules and sign up!

What languages do you know?
English is my native language. I know Italian; I’m at an intermediate level overall.

What is your history with these languages?
I lived in Italy as a kid and learned a lot while there. When the American and Italian schools would have combined events, my Italian teacher would name me as one of the bilingual kids… but I think she was being a little generous. 😉

Do you use them or are you out of practice?
I still read and write by participating on Italian message boards, and because I’m trying to teach Italian to my daughter, I’m getting my verbal skills back in practice. I’m rusty, and my knowledge is spotty. The past few years I’ve been working on filling in gaps and getting back to a more respectable level.

Have you read some books in these languages? Did you like it?
I read aloud with my daughter a lot of Italian books for young children: La mucca moka, La nuvola Olga, and various translated Dr. Seuss titles. For my own pleasure, this year I read (and reviewed) Il grande albero by Susanna Tamaro, which is for ages 10 and up. I really enjoyed it!

What are your plans for the challenge?
I’d like to read at least 2 more books around the same level (give or take a little) as Il grande albero.

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